Immediately after October 7th, when we began to understand the magnitude of the tragedy that befell us, to internalize the horror and destruction, we called the Holocaust survivors with whom we are in contact, to check on their well-being. During the conversation, we discovered that we were being strengthened, more than we strengthened them.

The exact words that came out of their mouths, the empowerment and resilience that they built throughout their lives in general, but particularly during the Holocaust, their unique life story, and their coping mechanisms, gave us insight that even after the worst, a way can be found.

Based on this insight, we decided to connect the Holocaust survivors with the survivors of October 7th and create an open and authentic conversation between them. We tried to understand where the Holocaust survivors found the strength to overcome their disaster and which practical tools gave them hope.

The meetings were powerful, and the result was chilling and exciting. The perspective presented by the Holocaust survivors on how they integrated personal and collective trauma into their life’s journey filled the participants with inspiration. With a sense of connection and a kind of shared destiny, the possibility of rising again and continuing on the path that generations have woven seems possible.

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Chava and Niv - Creation

Chava – Writer, born into the midst of World War II. She underwent challenging experiences from early childhood. The difficulty did not end with the war’s conclusion; even afterward, she faced rejection due to being a Jewish child in Poland. Over time, she sought therapy, dealt with the traumas of her childhood, and even began to write. Writing brought her back to the path of life and the feeling that she is healing herself by touching others with her written words. Today, she is a proud author and the recipient of many awards for her writing, both in Israel and around the world.

Niv – Artisan, who builds and designs concrete creations. The Nova Music Festival was the first nature party he had ever attended in his life. Niv arrived there with his friends at 4 a.m., and by 6:30 a.m., he already understood that he needed to leave. During the escape with his friends from the party, he was saved many times from an encounter with death and, with great resourcefulness, managed to survive along with his friends. Niv recounts that this tragic event posed a challenge for him in seeking new meaning in life.

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Avigdor and Tali - Belief

Avigdor – a Holocaust survivor from Auschwitz, where he lost most of his family. Only he and his sister survived the inferno. Avigdor arrived in Israel, and the moment he put on a uniform, he felt for the first time that he was protecting something of his own. Avigdor participated in all of Israel’s wars and built a magnificent family with his wife. He is proud and identifies with the country where he first felt safe in his life. Avigdor is constantly busy giving lectures about his story and has even accompanied delegations to Auschwitz as part of the “Witnesses in Uniform” program, where he had the surprise honor of celebrating a (late) Bar Mitzvah.

Tali – traditional woman (“Shomrei Masoret”) who had a stroke not long ago. She lives in Ofakim and was at home with her family during “Simchat Torah” when terrorists entered her building. The moment she saw them from the window entering her neighborhood in a white van has been replaying in front of her eyes every day since. Tali feels that her home is no longer a fortress after the experience she went through, yet on the other hand, she is grateful for the miracle that she and her family came out of the event alive.

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Naomi and Sharon - Altruism

Naomi – a child psychologist, a Holocaust survivor from the Netherlands who arrived with her family at Bergen-Belsen. In Bergen-Belsen, she lost her twin sister and the rest of her family except for her brother. After the war, she spent time with Jewish youth, and together they talked and helped each other to process what they had been through. She came to Israel with her husband and son and together they built a large family. Naomi saw her parents in the camp in the most difficult situations, maintaining their humanity and kindness, which accompanied her throughout her life and led her to choose a profession of giving and helping others.

Sharon – a special education teacher and a mother from Kibbutz Be’eri. She was at home with her family in the bomb shelter when terrorists entered her house and tried to burn it with the residents inside. They spent many hours in the bomb shelter, and miraculously, the one who risked the most in the family was also the one who saved them. Today, Sharon and her family still live in a hotel, and this ongoing struggle is not easy. From the overwhelming experience she went through, and in an attempt to cope with and process it, Sharon participates in several projects and shares her story. Additionally, she has also started a fascinating and moving podcast.

Praying and hoping for the return of hostages and for calm days.

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